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Email This Print This Interested Person Transactions Policy

The Company has adopted an internal policy governing procedures for the identification, approval and monitoring of transactions with interested persons. All interested person transactions (“IPT”) are subject to review by the AC every quarter to ensure that the relevant rules in Chapter 9 of the Listing Manual of SGX-ST are complied with.

Currently, the Company is not required to have a general mandate from its shareholders in relation to IPT as the aggregate value of IPT transactions is below the threshold level as set out in the Listing Manual of the SGX-ST.

For the financial year ended 31 December 2016, there were no interested person transactions exceeding $100,000 in aggregate for the financial year under review (excluding transactions less than $100,000 and transactions conducted under shareholders’ mandate pursuant to Rule 920).

Material Contracts

Save for the Service Agreements entered into with Dr Dora Hoan Beng Mui, Dr Doreen Tan Nee Moi and Mr Huang Ban Chin, which are still subsisting as at the end of FY2016, there are no material contracts involving the interests of the CEO, the directors or controlling shareholders entered into by the Group which are still subsisting as at the end of the financial year or entered into during the financial year.